Architectural Glass

Vrij Glas is known for its supply of various high quality glass products for architectural purposes. Artists, designers, and architects appreciate our open and innovative approach to glass and our thorough knowledge of glass manufacturing on an architectural scale. Large-scale monumental glass produced by Vrij Glas is integrated in facades of modern houses, in building blocks that transmit light to exhibition areas of museums with no natural light, and chandeliers in castles. Our clients include cities like The Hague in the Netherlands, our staff and supervisors have previously worked for different glass factories around the world, and is particularly knowledgeable about unusual use of solid glass. We also melt customized transparent glass colours, which like all our glass can be recycled.

Vrij Glas has the space and resources to manufacture large glass blocks and panels. In fact many clients turn to us after other manufacturers have not been able to meet the requirements and produce the commissioned products.

Through the exertions of one of our founders, the award winning Swedish-based glass expert Anna Carlgren, Vrij Glas also offers experimental workshops that facilitates for glass innovations. Anna says: As in science, free artistic and intellectual basic research is meaningful and necessary for future innovative use of glass in art and architecture.

For inquiries about architectural glass applications and products, contact Anna Carlgren at our studio and office in Gullaskruv, Sweden: +46 (0)481 321 66
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For technical questions and custom-made glass colours, contact Durk Valkema:
Phone direct: +31 (0)6 5321 3277
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For general inquiries regarding the Vrij Glas facilities, phone: +31 (0)756 1414 99

The depicted large-scale glass tiles are made by Anna Carlgren and copyrighted.