The Vrij Glas foundation is located in Zaandam on the Hembrugterrein on the north bank of the North Sea Canal.
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Visits by appointment only
Durk Valkema, president
+31 (0)6 53 21 32 77

Route to the studio in Zaandam
Vrij Glas by car from Amsterdam via Highway A10:
Follow direction Zaanstad. Take Exit Zaandam-Zuid.
Turn right on to N516 / Kolkweg towards Kolkweg-Noord / Zaandam-Zuid.
After 3 kilometers turn left (after the Den Uyl bridge) onto the N203. After a few hundered meters at the roundabout (this is before the ferry stop at the North Sea Canal) turn left onto Artelleriweg.

Find Vrij Glas from the north via Highway A8:
Follow direction Amsterdam. Take Exit Zaandam-Zuid, and follow the route as described above.

Vrij Glas by bicycle from Amsterdam, also an alternative route for cars:
A ferry across the North Sea Canal connects the Nieuwe Hemweg / Hempontplein in the Amsterdam harbor area with Hembrug / Hemkade in Zaandam and is very close to the entrance of the Hembrugterrein. The ferry runs every 20 minutes 24/7 from Amsterdam at 00, 20, 40 past the hour, and back to Amsterdam from Zaandam at 10, 30, 50 past the hour.
Pedestrians and bicyclists ride free of charge. Cars pay just over a euro.

Busses depart from Zaandam train station.

A taxi from Zaandam train station costs approx. 10-15 euro, and might have to be pre-ordered.
Bring the map in the link above to show to the driver.

From Zaandam Train Station it is a 3 km walk to Vrij Glas.

For safety don\\\'t let children or dogs out of sight at the studio.
The Vrij Glas foundation cannot at any time or for any reason be held liable for damage.

Check the 9292 website for most current public transport routes: