Glass Letters by Anthon Beeke

Forty years after the creation of his 'Naked Ladies Alphabet', which recently made the headlines because of an unauthorised copy, Anthon Beeke reposts with 'eiaculatum', a semen alphabet executed in glass, and manipulated like a bodily fluid congealing within the extension of the body in scrawled and improvised letters.

This alphabet was for the first time put on display in the exhibition glas/glass in the Designhuis in Eindhoven.
The alphabet will be digitalised and available via

'eiaculatum' was made in co-operation with Ruben Steeman
Anna Carlgren taught Anthon how to make glass in 15 minutes (yes, this is true) - Anna is a master in teaching artists to make their own glass.

It is not difficult to make glass - it is difficult to find the information and reliable sources.

Link to Anthon Beeke
Link to Ruben Steeman