Glass, the oldest synthetic material

GLAS, the largest exhibition on glass ever shown in Holland

The exhibition GLAS in the Designhuis Eindhoven, an initiative by Li Edelkoort, was opened on 18, December 2008

In her opening speech Anna Carlgren quoted Sybren Valkema, the Nestor of Free Glass in Europe
"In the 60s artists started making their own glass, the movement grew and became rambunctious and tempestuous (onstuimig, in Dutch) what happened can be regarded as a re-discovery of the oldest synthetic material, GLASS". And Dominick Labino (glass technician from Toledo USA, and the first to teach artists how to build their own glass furnaces) who in the preface of his book Visual Art in Glass states that "glass is the earliest of the synthetics to be produced by man - a fusion of inorganic materials under intense heat, which is cooled rapidly to a rigid condition without crystalizing"

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