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VRIJ GLAS has the ambitious aspiration of giving the international glass movement artistic input from unexpected places and look at the common ground glass art has with other cultural expressions like painting, sculpture, architecture, design, film and music.

VRIJ GLAS Is open for artists and designers from all the world and all fields. Artists and designers can rent the studio or apply for the residency program (non-funded) all year around.

VRIJ GLAS supports innovation in art and the numerous technical innovations which are happening and could be incorporated in glass art and design.

VRIJ GLAS wants to mesh the capability and enthusiasm of the international community of artists and bring them to the lively culture of Amsterdam.

Marina Abramović & Ulay: The Chinese Wall in glass, Philip Baldwin & Monica Guggisberg, Anthon Beeke: Glass Alphabet, Bas van Beek, Scott Benefield & Andrea Spencer, Sebastian Brajkovic: glass table with blown parts, Anna Carlgren: coloured glass, Pippa Dickson, Studio Drift: Melted Obsidan, Hanneke Fokkelman, Anne Gant, Bernard Heesen, Chris Kabel, Alicia King, Eric Klarenbeek, Karen Lise Krabbe, Lotte van Latum, Daniel Liebeskind: glass tiles, Richard Price, Jocelyne Prince: Performane with centrifuge, Louis la Rooy, Oscar Santillan: melted glass with sand from Atacama dessert and casted blanks for lenses, Anthony Schafermeyer, Vicky Somers, Peter Struycken: lenses for fountain in Den Haag, Yvon Trossel, Durk Valkema, Arnout Visser: recycled glass, Jeff Wallin, Mark Zirpel and many other artists are currently working or have previously created art work at VRIJ GLAS. Louis la Rooy former owner and director of Tetterode Glass said "Vrij Glas is a world-class studio".

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