A-prismatic Glass

A-prismatic Glass for the restoration of Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, the Municipal Museum in the Hague.

The a-prismatic glass was designed to direct natural light in any desired direction. It was used in Gemeentemuseum Den Haag in the ceiling and in lamps by H.P. Berlage. All the original glass in the museum was destroyed during the Second World War.
Shards had been saved and when the museum was to be restored, the restoration team looked all over the world for a replacement and could not find an old stock anywhere, and nobody knew anything about this special glass and its unique properties. The director of the Leerdam glass factory at the time told the restoration team that only Vrij Glas can reproduce the a-prismatic glass. Today all lamps throughout the entire museum that used to have a-prismatic glass have new glass made by Vrij Glas.

The Vrij Glas foundation has previously restored glass in architecture and manufactured special glasses and colours for different historic monuments.

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Glass Tile Project for the Gementemuseum Den Haag